Water service and how to subscribe in it

Water service and how to subscribe in it



If you are buying or renting a property in Istanbul with your name, it is necessary that you have to subscribe to basic services such as water, electricity, gas and Internet.

The service of opening water meters, transferring it to your name, and subscribing to get water in your home is one of Glovision's free after-sales service, we will follow up with you and help you get it with pleasure.

In this article, we will highlight how to subscribe to get water services in Istanbul.


 Paper works required to open water meters


A copy of the residence permit or passport

Bring your valid residency or passport, and make sure to have a copy of both, these copies will allow the water supplier to verify your personal data and match it with other documents that prove your right to use the meters.


A copy of the rental contract or title deed

If you are renting the property, you must bring the lease agreement with a copy (black and white). If you are the owner of the house and you want to use the service, you have to show a copy of the title deed “Tapu”.

The employee, makes sure that you have the right to use the service through checking the lease contract or the title deed of the property "Tapu", and then the water meter will be transferred to your name.


Water meter number

You can find the number written on the water meter as Tesisat No. This number is a unique number that expresses your meter, and each digit or number in it represents a specific thing.

Write down,this number and if the meter was used before, you can take a previous water bill with you, so that the employee can find out the number of the meter and its connection to the apartment or property for which you will open the water meter.

Water Service


 Questions and answers regarding water meters and subscribing to it


Do I have to pay when subscribing for the water service?

Yes, the employee will check the space of ​​your home, then he will estimate the value of the insurance that you must pay, which ranges between 150-400 Turkish liras depending on the space of ​​your apartment.

You can pay this amount in one time, or in installments over 3 months, or as permitted by the water company that you will visit.


If there are previous debts on the water account, what should be done?

You have nothing to do with the previous debts that are owed by the previous user of the water meter, as it is related to his tax number, and you will not have to pay. Rather, the water company will deal with him in this regard.


When can I use the water service after registering and subscribing?

You can use the water service five hours after you register.


What are the water companies available in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are about 46 water companies, but ISKI, which is affiliated with Istanbul Municipality, is the most famous and efficient, so you should go to it in order to obtain a subscription to the water service.


What are the water fees in Istanbul?

According to ISKI, the latest update for 2021, the price per cubic meter of water for apartments is as follows:

- If the total use of the apartment is between 0 cubic meters and up to 15 cubic meters inclusive, the price per cubic meter will be 4.81 TL.

- If the apartment's total water usage is more than 16 cubic meters per month, then the price of each cubic meter of water will be 7.22 TL.

If you want to visit the ISKI website for pricing, click here



Note: There are several prices water fees according to each category, commercial and residential, etc.


How much the water bill cost in Istanbul?

The water bill will be different according to how many people use the service in the same household.

For example: one-bedroom apartment with a salon for a family of four can have a water bill between 50-80 TL per month, and it differs between summer and winter because the usage varies.


How do I pay the water bill?

You can pay the water bill in any water service center everywhere in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

You can also pay a water bill through your bank account online or by logging into your account at the ATM.


Does water in Istanbul have a cut off times?

Water does not cut off in Istanbul in general, but there may be fixings that the municipality is undertaking in some areas that require cutting off water to complete the work.

the water company will inform you of this water cut one or several days before it takes place, so that you be aware of it.


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