Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment


The benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship

By obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will be able to enter 72 countries without a visa, and you will also be able to enter 42 countries through a visa that is issued at the airport, in addition to the possibility of entering many countries by issuing an electronic entry visa.


Living with people who respect democracy and religious freedom,


Discrimination has no place in Turkey as well as the country has elected governments, and there is no Royal governing system.


The ability to vote in all Turkish elections and to choose whoever represents you.


You will be able to obtain the benefits of Turkish citizenship, investment and work on its territory like any Turkish citizen.


Access to health services and the ability to use any governmental hospital for free and in addition to a lot of affordable private hospitals


Free educational services for your family within the Turkish government schools and other education centers in Turkey.

Dual citizenship is available in the Turkish system, so there are no restrictions by the Turks to have more than one citizenship.


The possibility of exemption from Military service.


Entering the Turkish labor market and working in it as an employee or business owner without a work permit.


Benefit from the retirement pension that Turks receive after they retire.


Inviting family members to visit you in Turkey by obtaining an official invitation for them through Turkish notary.


Enjoy Turkey's great weather, with its four seasons.


You can obtain the American investment visa "E2" which is good for 2 years because there are strong relationship between USA and Turkey


The strong possibility that Turkey could join European union due to the great relations and trade treaties between Turkey and the Union, so it helps many Turks to travel to European union


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through a real estate investment in Turkey, you must take the following conditions into consideration:


The value of the property should not be less than $ 250,000

You must buy one or more real estate, so that the total value must greater than $ 250,000.


Issuing a real estate appraisal report of $ 250,000 or more

You must make an evaluation of the property or real estate that you decided to buy in Turkey, and it must be mentioned in this evaluation that the value of these properties is equal to or more than the amount of $ 250,000.


Buying the property from a Turkish company or a Turkish individual

You cannot buy your property for Turkish citizenship from a foreigner, but the one who sells the property must be a Turkish citizen or a Turkish company.


A pledge not to sell your property during the first 3 years

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must pledge not to sell the real estate that you buy for the purpose of Turkish citizenship, during the first three years, and if you sell it before that time, the Turkish citizenship that you obtained will be subject to cancellation.


The property payment has to be through bank transfer

You must pay the value of the property that you buy through a bank with your personal account, and transfer this amount to the Turkish seller’s bank account, and that's the only way to deliver any payments.


You must be at least 18 years old

The buyer has to be 18 years old or more, so he/she can obtain the Turkish citizenship for him and his/her family and his/her children have to be less than 18 years old.


You can obtain the Turkish citizenship through these conditions

Bank account with more than $500,000 in one of the Turkish banks and you must keep it for at least 3 years

Open business in Turkey and hiring at least 50 turkish citizens

Married a Turkish citizen and living as a couple at least 3 years

Adapt any Turkish citizen who is less than 18 years old from any Turkish family

Living in Turkey for at least 5 years with a work permit


The documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship


There is a set of documents that must be provided to obtain Turkish citizenship for every applicant as follows:


 A copy of the passport translated and certified by the Turkish notary.


 The real estate appraisal report that is extracted prior to purchasing the property with a recent date.



 Receipts contain the value of the property that must be extracted from the sending and receiving bank of the buyer and seller, and the receipts must be official and certified with the stamp of the relevant banks.


 A copy of the title deed of the real estate or real estate purchased for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


 A copy of the official power of attorney in case the applicant for Turkish citizenship has authorized somebody else other than him to carry out the Turkish citizenship procedures as an official agent.



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