Service of opening a bank account in Turkey

Service of opening a bank account in Turkey


Obtaining a bank account in Turkey is one of the important things, especially if you are a resident or decide to have a property in Turkey.


In this article you will learn about obtaining a bank account in Turkey, Knowing that it is one of the after-sales services that we provide for free in our company.


Required Documents to open a bank account in Turkey

Opening a bank account in Turkey is an easy process and the required documents are the following:


1- Passport

You must show your passport to the employee at the bank, in order to match the photo on the passport with you then he will take a copy of it.


2- Your tax number

Extracting the tax number is a process that precedes opening a bank account in Turkey. You can get it from a tax department in any city that has “Vergi Dairesi" and you can have it within 15 minutes. You should make a copy of it to use in any process such as opening a bank account in Turkey.


3- Your detailed address in Turkey

It is preferable that you have a proof " document" of your address in a detailed and official way, such as a lease contract or a bill, and the employee will use this address as your address registered in the bank.The Bank may choose to contact you at this address, for this reason, try to update this address constantly.


4- A copy of the Turkish residency (if you have)

Having a Turkish residence, which contains TC number, gives your account more confidence and strength, so , if you have it, provide the employee with a copy of yours. In case that your Turkish residence was issued after opening the bank account, you have to update your data at the bank and provide them with a copy of your Turkish residence.


5- Your phone number (preferably in Turkish)

you have to provide the bank with your email and phone number, which it has a big role in doing so many bank operations over the Internet, also receiving notifications.That is why, you need to own a Turkish phone number in your personal name and according to your passport and link your bank account with it.



How to open a bank account in Turkey?


If you have all the required documents to open the bank account, you will be able to choose the bank that you want, wait your turn and choose the appropriate type of operation (you may need help if the employee in the bank does not speak Arabic or English, don’t worry, we are here with you), then provide the employee with your documents and he will do what is required.



Questions and answers about opening a bank account in Turkey


 Is it necessary to be present to extract the tax number and open a bank account?

It can be done through an official power of attorney who can act on your behalf in that, and it is also possible to communicate with many banks to open an account remotely (online).


What are the currencies that I can use in my Turkish accounts?

You can get accounts belonging to you in Turkish lira, Euro and Dollar currencies, and so you can deposit, send or receive remittances according to these accounts.


What are the best recommended banks for opening accounts?

There are so many banks in Turkey that you can open an account in, the most important of which are Ziraat Bankasi, Kuveyt Turk, IS Bankasi, Ak Bankasi, and Albaraka Bankasi.


Can I pay my bills through my bank account in Turkey?

Of course, you will be able to do that, through the mobile phone applications, in addition to the ability to use the Internet branch, you will be able to enter your bank account and choose the name of the company providing the services, and then use you identifier number to pay your bills such as water, electricity, gas and Internet.


Will I be able to purchase online with my bank card?

You will be able to buy whatever you want from inside and outside Turkey, by using your bank card and credit card. You may only need to contact your bank to ask them to activate online payment.


How long does it take to open a bank account?

If you prepare all the required documents, you will need only half a day at the most in order to open a bank account in Turkey.


Our company provides the service of opening a bank account in free for all its clients during or after the real estate purchase process.

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