Resale Service

Resale Service

Glovision is characterized by providing many real estate services to cover all your needs for buying a property, and more than that in most cases, and our team always strives to provide the utmost professionalism in providing services and shortening time and effort for all clients.

After you have chosen the property, or even if you already have one, and decided to resell your property, contacting our team to do this task will provide you with the easy, secure and fast way to resell your property in Istanbul.


Advantages of reselling property with Glovision Real Estate team;

- Clarity in the terms; as you will know from the beginning how the process will take place and the formula will be clear to you without ambiguity or suspicion. Our team is aware of all the circumstances related to all purchases and sales of real estate on Turkish lands.

- Speed ​​in the sale; although the sale of any property, whether new or used, is a matter that is likely takes time in general, and may not be long either, but your dealings with the Glovision real estate team means that your property is connected to a very large network of other companies friends with our company, and all The channels and platforms where your property should be placed to easily sell are in the hands of our team, so don't worry.

- Getting the best price for the property, as our knowledge of the real estate market and real estate prices, in addition to our careful selection of the customer segments that we target in marketing your property, all mean that you will get a good price for your property that you are trying to sell.

- Legal supervision, through our group of expert lawyers, will supervise and double check everything related to the process of selling your property so that the matter is set from the beginning in the recognized legal course on the territory of the Republic of Turkey.


What are the steps for reselling the property with the Glovision team?

The procedures that you must follow in order to start reselling your property are generally easy, and do not take time and can be clarified through the following:


- Agreeing on the sale price of the property, after you decide to sell your property, it is natural for you to have guesses about the selling price of your property, and after meeting with our team, we will together choose the best price that suits the market, so that it is as close to your ambition as possible, with explanations from us about the prices of similar properties in the same area or apartment complex that can be taken as a standard, knowing that an exaggeration in the price of the requested property may lead to a delay in the sale process in most cases.

The process of determining the price of the property may sometimes require an official appraisal of the property by the official authorities, and this is for a small cost that is not comparable to the price of the property, no matter what, and this evaluation may help in the process of selling the property when it is shown to the potential buyer.


- Agree on the time frame, it should be clear from the outset whether you have time limits to complete the resale, as the relatively long duration of the sale will give our team the opportunity to find the best customer to buy your property, in other words the customer who may pay the best price. While the small limited period requires special efforts from our team, and may require independent marketing of your property in multiple platforms and channels, in addition to relying on our company's clients network and our acquaintances, and for all this, the time that you can give to complete the sale of the property must be determined.

In this context, the property’s owner usually undertakes to give our team the exclusive right to sell his property, and where this is limited to a certain period that can be extended when necessary in the event that the sale fails for any reason, and this period is usually 3 months or 6 months, or choose another period of time to be agreed upon.


- Make an official power of attorney for our team, so that our team can enter your property, especially if it is within a residential complex that contains guards, it must be in the hands of our team what proves our authority given by you to enter the property at any time and present it to interested clients.

This power of attorney can be done on Turkish territory with a notary, or it can be done by the Turkish consulate from outside Turkish territory, and it will be mentioned in this power of attorney the limits of our team’s powers to offer the property, to complete the sale of the property on your behalf if you are not present, we will also be given the authority to receive the price of the property and then transfer it to you, transfer the ownership of the property to the new owner in the relevant title dept.In addition to other conditions, we will inform you about them and provide you with a written text in more than one language that you study for approval with our legal team.


- Receiving the property from you in assets, as the property must be received from you professionally, as our team checks it and photographs it upon entry, to ensure the property’s stuff and condition, as it will remain in trust with our team throughout the period of its offer for sale.


- Waiting to receive the price of the property. After completing the sale process in accordance with the agreement and the financial and time limits that were drawn in advance, you will be notified when the sale is completed, so that the price of the property will be deposited in your bank account in Turkey or transferred to you as suits you.


The Glovision team annually oversees hundreds of sales of Turkish real estate, mostly in Istanbul, and the real estate resales accomplished by our team takes a significant share of the total sales compared to other companies operating in the real estate sector.

The reason for this success is due to the integration of real estate services in our company, and not only thanks to the many real estate options available to us, but also to the experience and speed in completing your real estate business and other related business in a way that makes all of our company’s clients a permanent reference that advises others to deal with us.

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