Renting of tourist and residential apartments

Renting of tourist and residential apartments

Within a large city and economic capital as Istanbul, the issue of renting apartments remains one of the most important aspects of real estate investment in Turkey, and at the same time it is one of the services provided by Glovision, which any of our clients can benefit from.

Apartment rental types

In principle, the rental of apartments is divided into two types: annual (long-term) and tourist (short-term) rental.


1- Renting apartments on an annual basis

Our company can find candidates for you who want to rent your apartment annually, and here you can rent your apartment annually as an empty apartment, or as a furnished apartment.


Annual rental of empty apartments
Annually renting empty apartments is the least profitable type of real estate investment, but it has many advantages at the same time, which are the following:

Reducing the risk of damage to the assets of the empty leased apartment, as here you will not deliver furniture in the apartment, and therefore all that is required of the tenant is to deliver the apartment to you without faults in the water taps, or other things, if found.

No need to constantly search for a tenant, in this case you will have to search at least once a year for a new tenant in case the old tenant wants to move out of your apartment, otherwise you may just renew the lease contract with the old tenant.

You do not need to follow up much, just hand over the apartment and sign the contract between you and the tenant, and you will continue to receive the rent through your bank account on a monthly basis.


Annual rental of furnished apartments
If you want to raise the rent that you will get monthly, all you have to do is furnish your apartment with good and guaranteed furniture, and then you will get an increase in the annual rental price of no less than 30% compared to the case of renting the apartment when it is empty and this is the advantage of the annual rental of furnished apartments in Istanbul.

For example: If you rent your apartment annually and it is empty by 1500 Turkish liras, with the addition of furniture, you will be able to rent it by approximately 2000 Turkish liras.

One of the disadvantages of the annual rental of furnished apartments is the need to follow up and maintain or replace the furniture in case that it is worn out due to long or excessive use by the tenants. At the time, you only need to use paint for the empty walls of the apartment after the tenant leaves, in the case of furnished apartments you will also need to check the all pieces of furniture and cost accounting the tenant, which may bear some complications. Anyway, don't worry, our team is ready in every case to manage all types of apartment rentals for you.


2- Renting tourist apartments in Istanbul

If you want a better return by renting tourist apartments in Istanbul, our company will help you with that. This type of leasing falls under the so-called (daily-weekly-monthly) rental.
It is natural that the location of your apartment plays an important role in the speed of renting it or in the type of clients interested in renting your apartment that you will rent. In any case, you should review the advantages and obstacles of renting residential apartments in Istanbul as a tourist apartments, which are the following:


Advantages of tourist rental apartments in Istanbul


Highest return on investment for renting apartments
In case that you decide to invest in Istanbul by renting tourist apartments, know that the return will be twice the “annual” long-term rental if you work seriously and professionally on renting your property.


You may not have to rent at all times of the year
If your property is in a tourist location or close to well-known tourism centers, you will most likely rent your apartment only during the summer seasons, and you will not have to rent it and occupy it at the rest of the times.


Obstacles to renting apartments in Istanbul

Constant search for tenants
If you rent your property for ten days, know that you must prepare the person who rents the apartment after the ten days pass, and this is not easy for you if you decide to do it personally, but our company has many channels through which it will bring you tenants on an ongoing basis.


The need for cleaning, maintenance and tenant service
If you have a tenant in the apartment, and this tenant is a tourist, you will certainly have to fix any faults, and satisfy your tenant is an important goal, because this tenant may be a source for other tenants, and this needs to be a full commitment from you if you are going to do it yourself, or you can appoint us with this task we will do it to the fullest.

Make your real estate investment through Glovision and be confident that the after-sales services of our company are among the best in Istanbul, and our team will organize all the stages that will make your real estate investment through leasing safe, profitable and comfortable at the same time.