Real estate residence in Turkey, its features and requirements

Real estate residence in Turkey, its features and requirements

Obtaining real estate residency in Turkey is part of the system of free services provided by Glovision Istanbul real estate team. In this article, you will learn about the benefits and features of real estate residency in Turkey, and the papers required to obtain this residency.


Advantages of real estate residence in Turkey

When you buy an apartment in Turkey, you will be able to apply for real estate residency in Turkey, and to know what this residency is, here are some of the advantages of real estate residency so that you can better understand its benefit:


Real estate residency in Turkey is a short-term residency that is issued for one or two years.


This residence permit enables you to enter and exit the Turkish territory without the need for any visas.


Allowing the family members of the property's owner to obtain real estate residency.


You can renew this residence permit before it expires and there is no room for rejection as long as the property you bought is still in your name, and you can say it is actually a permanent residence even if it is not in its name.


Under the real estate residence permit, you can obtain a work permit to be able to join any company or establish your own company.


Obtaining real estate residency includes obtaining health insurance that you issue before submitting an application for obtaining real estate residency.


The real estate residence permit enables you to open a bank account and perform all the usual operations of transfers and other banking services.


You will be able to buy a private car and apply for a Turkish driving license at any driving school.


You and your family members can apply to at any Turkish university or school and continue your education normally.


Visit any embassy of another country to apply for a visa from within Turkish territory.


Documents required to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey

Applying for real estate residency in Turkey is very similar to applying for a tourist residency, with the difference that you must have a document proving your ownership of a property in Turkey "Tabu", and the following are the documents and papers required to obtain real estate residency in Turkey:


The passport of the real estate owner, which must be valid for a period of no less than six months.

The property's ownership document, i.e. the title deed of the property you purchased in Turkey.

Dask document, earthquake insurance for your property in Turkey.

Health insurance covering a period of one or two years, depending on the period in which you will apply for residency.

In case that you have a wife and children, you must submit a family statement translated into Turkish, clarifying the family members and attested by the Turkish consulate in the mother country, or certified by the foreign ministry of the mother country and then at the consulate of the mother country in Turkey.

4 personal photos with regular biometric sizes.



Important notes regarding real estate residency


Any property can be purchased, despite its price

There are no conditions from the Turkish government regarding the value or price of the property that you will buy and granting the real estate residence permit accordingly. If your property is worth 20 thousand dollars, or it is of greater or lesser value, you will obtain real estate residence accordingly.


What if you are a co-owner of a property in Turkey

If you are with a person or other people who own the same property, you will all obtain real estate residence in Turkey, for example you can share with one or more friends "you all want real estate residence" in order to buy a property that you all benefit from and obtain real estate residence with your families, according to it.


Real estate accommodation cost

It can be said that real estate residence in Turkey costs as much as tourist accommodation in general, and the most variable factor in it is the value and quality of health insurance, which in turn depends on your age, and your current nationality plays a role, as each citizen of a certain nationality has fees that may differ from other countries.

If you are alone, the amount of $ 300 may suffice you, on average, to obtain your real estate residence, more or less slightly.


Glovision Real Estate with its expert staff will assist you in buying your property in Istanbul, whether it is an apartment, a commercial store, or a villa, and also if you want a share of any of the above with your partners in the purchase of the property.

Our team will prepare your file for obtaining real estate residency. All you have to do is contact our team and leave the rest to the legal department, which will provide you with the service of obtaining real estate residency in Turkey in the best and most comfortable way for you and your family.