Real estate rental management

Real estate rental management

When you purchase a property with our team, our company,after you have decided to rent your property with the intention of investing, our team is ready to serve you in this regard. Learn through this article about rental management through Glovision team, which is one of the after-sales services in our company.

The real estate rental management service with us is manifested through the following points and tasks:

Obtaining a power of attorney from you for leasing

An official power of attorney must be made by you, in which it entrusts our company and its representatives with the process of renting the property and carrying out all the procedures that will be required in order to obtain a clean lease process, as well as signing for you, collecting the rental amounts on your behalf or transferring them to you, and making the decision regarding your leased property when necessary.

Of course, this power of attorney does not include anything related to the transfer of ownership, but it is only a power of attorney for the purpose of leasing and other related operations.


Find the best potential tenants and offer the property repeatedly

The process of searching for tenants for your property or apartment in Istanbul is not an easy process, in principle this may seem easy, but in reality it requires appropriate knowledge and channels to display your property.

Glovision knows these channels through which you can find a suitable tenant for your property in Istanbul considering the selection of the best tenants.

Depending on the type of your property, our team will select or reject applicants to rent your property. If your property is a commercial store, we will try to get the best brands if possible and who has the financial stability so that you will not have problems later in the matter of payment, and it is also beneficial for you naturally that people get used to receiving the service from your store, which will mean that you will get a higher value in renting it later.

If your property is an apartment, the search is for who will be able to take care of the house, the employees who work and have a work permit in Turkey, and those who have residency and stable status ... etc. It is also preferable to choose someone who has a regular legal status in Turkey, that is, who has a valid residence, for example. In general, the following points will be taken into account when choosing a good tenant for your property:

1- Choosing who can pay the rent without causing delays

2- Choosing the tenant who will maintain the house.

3- Selecting tenants with a legal status.


Supervising the signing of contracts with the tenant

This is an important point in the process of renting the property. Every piece of information that will be written in this contract will apply to the tenant and the owner of the house as well, and any mistake may lead to later problems that you may not be able to avoid.


Delivery and receive of the rental property

Glovision team will take care of the process of handing over the property that will be rented to the tenant and receiving it from him after the end of the rental period.

Ensure that the property has the same devices and things that it was upon delivery to the lessee.

Ensure that the property's devices are effective and that they are still operating.
Ensure that the property is delivered on time.


Organizing the rental payment process

Whether the process of paying the rent of your property will be through cash, or through a bank transfer to your personal account or to Glovision's account, this must be clear from the beginning and organized so that it is audited by the person in charge of our company, and it is audited at least monthly.


Implementation of a periodic increase in the rental price of the apartment

It is known that you have the right as a landlord,  to raise the rental value of the property, in accordance with the inflation levels in the country and in line with it.

Glovision will coordinate this with you and the tenant, so that the process goes smoothly, contracts are renewed at the new rent value or a new tenant is found if the old tenant does not wish to continue.

It is possible, in coordination with you, not to implement any increase in the price of your property, for example if the tenant is good and maintains the house, and if there is difficulty in finding tenants according to the circumstances of the region.


Executing and supervising property maintenance when necessary

According to the contract that will be signed with the tenant, we will supervise the correction of faults if this is our duty in the contract, and the workshops that implement the services will be found as soon as possible and at the cheapest price.

It must also make sure whether the malfunction is caused by normal wear and tear of the household appliance or is it caused by misuse, and accordingly a decision can be made about who will repairs the faults.

With Glovision, you will be able to easily rent out your purchased property in Istanbul. All you have to do is take the decision to rent and leave the rest to our expert team, and receive your return on investment through leasing.