Open the electricity meter

Open the electricity meter

Electricity service is one of the most important services that the city of Istanbul provides to its residents, and it is one of the four main services that you must make sure to have in order to start your life in your apartment within the city of Istanbul.

Documents required to open electricity meters in Turkey

In case that you are going to open the electric meter on your name for your new apartment, you must provide some simple papers in order to be able to provide them to the responsible employee of the electricity company, which are as follows:


» Proving your identity through an official identity document, and this document must be issued by the Turkish departments and linked to your tax number, such as a Turkish residence card, with attention to the fact that it must be valid and not expired.

» The old electricity subscription number through an old bill, or the electricity meter number by taking a photo of the meter, or writing your meter number to show it to the employee.

» Proof of the legality of your residence in the property through a lease contract or through a document of ownership of the property "Tabu".

» An earthquake insurance policy, the existence of which is a condition for opening electricity meters in Turkey.


How to open electricity meters in Turkey

In fact, there are more than 21 electricity companies supplying electricity to Turkish citizens, and perhaps the most important of these companies is CK BOGAZICI (pronounced as GK Bogazeci), which is the most important electricity company operating in Turkey and Istanbul in particular.

So go to the nearest service center for this company in your area, and make sure that this center offers subscription service, that is a center approved by the company, and not a center for paying bills only, you can simply ask any of your neighbors or employees in the building where you purchased your apartment.

When you visit, book a role for yourself and hand the mentioned before papers to the employee, who will do a process called subscription or in Turkish, Abonelik.


Services provided by electricity companies in Turkey

» Maintenance, repair and development of the electrical network.

» Intervene and remove any malfunctions that occur.

» Carry out periodic maintenance to ensure that the network is operating continuously.

» Read all counters within the work area.

» Regulating subscribers’ affairs and their various transactions, including subscription, cancellation, and collection of fees.


The possibility of opening electricity meters in Turkey electronically

Bogazici offers the service of applying for electronic meter registration in your name by following the steps and instructions that are available on the following website:

The website contains the steps and conditions necessary to open the electricity meter in Turkey. In fact, this method eased many administrative burdens and reduced the need to wait at the electricity company and waste time.

All you have to do is enter the information required from you correctly, and the same papers that we mentioned in this article will be required to apply electronically, and in the end the employee of the electricity company will come to your home or to the address you wrote to sign the contract and the electricity service agreement, and you or your agent will sign Electricity service contract or agreement to actually start getting electricity.


What should I do to get the electric opening service from Glovision

Glovision Real Estate Company in Istanbul is well versed in everything that affects your life in Turkey, and it provides you with many services, starting from real estate consultancy, through buying a home, and ending with your complete settlement in your property.

Opening meters for major services, including electricity subscription, is a small part of Glovision Real Estate's many free services.

All you have to do is to make a power of attorney for our company team in which you authorize the Glovision's team to take the necessary actions on your behalf, and usually there is one power of attorney that includes several things and not only opening the meters of electricity and water ... etc., but also includes “according to your need” the transfer of ownership and receiving the document of Tabu, leasing and many other services that you may need to take advantage of after buying a property in Istanbul.

Get your new property in Istanbul with Glovision Real Estate team, and be confident that our team will prepare you for your life with all its details.