Legal property safety

Legal property safety

Each property's owner usually presents his property in the best and most beautiful form, but some of them discreet or do not mention the negative points that exist in his property, whether in terms of the quality of the property itself, or in terms of the legal status of the property. Learn through this article the legal property verification service provided to you by Glovision Real Estate.


Why choose Glovision to ensure the safety of your property?

Our company and team are not new to real estate in Turkey, and we have encountered hundreds of cases where the customer has almost become a victim of misinformation about the property they were going to buy, and we have been able to provide the right advice and help towards a clean and fraud-free property purchase process.

At Glovision Real Estate, we usually direct you towards properties that have a clean legal status and this we know from our experience and previous dealings, so in most cases our team does not have to review all projects and opportunities, most of which are known to us, and this is another time saving for your benefit.

But in any case, our experienced legal team can verify any property by reviewing the relevant Tapu departments and obtaining the legal status of each property with certainty and no doubt.


What do I benefit from this service?

The service of ensuring the safety of the property legally enables you to avoid many hassles, for example, you may pay the deposit for the property and then transfer its price, and this property may have been mortgaged before without your knowledge, and the property's owner may be late in removing the mortgage from the property in order to be able to transfer the ownership to your name cleanly, and knowing this point in advance may change the way you buy the property, and will help you arrange the terms of the contract with the seller instead of entering into a maze of patience and doubt if not falling into the trap of fraud.



What points does the Glovision team check?


Is the property mortgaged?

The property may be mortgaged in favor of a certain person or entity, and making sure of that gives you an important indication of the safety of the purchase process and whether the property's seller is telling the truth or not.


Is there a tabu for the property?

In case that the construction company or the seller of the property stated that their properties have a Tapu document, this matter must be verified before you buy the property and pay any amounts.

The construction company may inadvertently declare that their properties have a Tapu document, and some of them may be about to extract a Tapu for their residential project within a short time, so they inform customers of the existence of a Tapu document, considering that it will be issued soon anyway.

If you want to buy a property for Turkish citizenship, this will pose to you many problems, the smallest of which is delaying the process of starting to apply for Turkish citizenship till the issuance of the Tapu, and this risk may mean entering into a waiting cycle that may extend for years.


Who is the owner of the property and authorized to sell it?

Someone may declare to you that he is the owner of the property, and conclude a deal regarding the price and everything else, and after you like the terms, you may discover that this person is not the decision-maker and is not even authorized to sell it, and you may have to start from scratch later on negotiating with the real property's owner who may be has a different price and different conditions for selling his property.

Dealing with someone other than the owner of the property and with someone who does not have an authorization to make any decision of it means one of two things, the first is wasting time with someone who has no decision in anything, and the second is falling into a fraud process where you deal with someone who may ask you for a deposit and then you may not find him Later.

That is why dealing with a licensed and legal real estate advisory firm such as Glovision is essential to prevent any chance of you being manipulated, no matter how small.


Is this the same real estate you saw?

It may happen that you see a property, and then you get sold another property, and this is either due to a mistake or an attempt to mislead from a seller.

It is easy for our team to make sure that you will get the same property that you inspected by comparing the entire property's information and its address and verifying it in the relevant real estate departments.


Is this service free?

Yes, of course, and it is not the only free service in Glovision Real Estate, and our company always strives to provide you with the best services within our plan to make the experience of our customers a unique and successful experience, and this is what we have always relied on and what has been the reason for the success and superiority of our company.


Your dealings with our real estate team, does not mean only that you buy the property and transfer it to your name, but that our team performs many services, most of which you may not know, all of which contribute to the safety of your purchase of the property.


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