Gas service in Turkey and how to subscribe to it

Gas service in Turkey and how to subscribe to it


Turkey provides its residents with all the services necessary and among these services is the natural gas registration service. Our real estate company Glovision in Istanbul, helps its clients with this service for free and also so many other services that may be required.

Learn in this article about the natural gas service in Turkey and how to subscribe in it.

In Turkey, there are more than 70 companies which distribute gas service to houses and supervise their installation and follow-up.

In Istanbul IGDAS is the most famous company. Subscription branches for each gas company are spread in every region and you can search for them using Google Maps as well.


Required documents to get the gas service in Istanbul-Turkey

In order to get gas service in Istanbul, you must visit one of the branches of the Gas company you choose, ask the employee about the subscription, which is called in Turkish as "Abonelik". Then wait for your turn with the proper documents.


1- A copy of a valid residency permit

2- An old gas bill for the same house so that the employee can match the address and the counter number.

3- Title deed of the house in case you are the owner, or the lease agreement in case you are renting.

4- DASC document “earthquake insurance”.

5- Your phone or email.


Paying the insurance "guarantee" for natural gas in Turkey

subscribing the natural gas service in Turkey, is by paying a guarantee value in order to use it, this value is estimated according to the devices that use natural gas in your home, and it is as follows:


 The insurance amount is 655 TL, in case the house has a "Kombi" water heater with a gas cooker.

 The insurance amount is 1206 Turkish liras, , in case the house has a water heater with a gas cooker and a natural gas heater.

 The insurance amount is 620 Turkish Liras, in case there is only a "Kombi" water heater.

 The insurance amount is 35 Turkish liras, in case there is only a cook working on natural gas in the house.

 The insurance amount is 551 Turkish liras, in case there is only a heater working on natural gas.


The insurance amount can be paid by installments, or refunded

You can choose the method of paying the gas insurance value during registration. by installing it over four months.


The installments will be distributed so that they will be added to the bills of the following months according to the number of installments. If there were four installments, the value will be distributed to four installments within four consecutive bills.


If you sell your property, or move to another one, you will visit the gas company center with your identity and a gas bill, in order to cancel the gas service.


Accordingly, the amount that you paid as gas usage insurance will be returned to your bank account or cash within a week.


Note: These insurance value prices are taken from the IGDAS Gas Company website in Istanbul, and are subject to constant change. It may be useful to view the prices to ensure that there is no change by clicking here.




Visited by an employee of the gas company to check the service

If you apply for gas service in Turkey, the gas company will send one of its employees within 2 days, in order to make sure of several things, like:


 The condition of the gas meter and its correct installation.

 Checking the home devices using gas and connecting them safely.

 Checking the ventilation system at home and, so that if the gas leaking occurs,it will not cause damage.

 Checking the gas installations in your home and making sure that it matches the conditions.


How much would my monthly gas expenses be?

This depends on the number of rooms, and people who will live in the house,for example : if there is a family of four, living in a two-bedroom apartment with a salon, they will have monthly payments which range from 3 to 6 dollars in the summer.

In winter, the value will be bigger due to the need for heating, which ranges from 10 to 30 dollars per month, because each family uses heating at different times and ways.


How to pay the gas bill in Istanbul

The gas bill can be paid in Turkey and Istanbul in several ways, which are as follows:


 Paying through your bank account: Just log in to your bank account, and choose the option of paying the bills, then specify the name of the gas company and enter your gas subscription number. You will see the value of the bill that you have to pay.


 Paying through PTT centers: Just visit any official Turkish post office, provide them with your bill and give them the payment amount.


 Paying through private bill paying stores: The job of these stores is to pay bills on behalf of people,for a commission.


Glovision helps you for free in the procedures of getting natural gas service

After purchasing a property in Istanbul with our company, our team will assist you to get a subscription to the basic services for your home, including natural gas.


This service is a part of the list of after-sales services that we provide to everyone who owns an apartment in Istanbul with Glovision Real Estate.