Furnishing and decoration service in Istanbul

Furnishing and decoration service in Istanbul


After buying an apartment in Istanbul with us, our company is happy to provide all its clients with the necessary home furniture through the apartment furnishing and decoration service,


 Apartment furnishing service in Istanbul

The representative of our company will help you in furnishing your apartment in Istanbul, and the following will be taken in consideration:


1- Choosing the best quality

Because of our knowledge of the Turkish market and products, and our experience with them in general, we will help you to furnish your new apartment in Istanbul with the best brands.


2- The nearest furniture store

We make sure to choose the closest furniture centers to your apartment that you bought in Istanbul in order to be delivered as soon as possible.


3- Taking your furniture budget into account

Our agent will ask you about the budget that you have for purchasing furniture of your new home "as he did before concerning your property through our company", and accordingly, you will be taken to the brands which suit your request, where you can choose whatever you want.


4- Negotiate the price, terms of payment and delivery

Negotiation is a part of the Turkish culture, and this is found in the popular furniture fairs or in the furniture shopping bazaars.

In case that the brand is large, the prices are fixed and there is no possibility of negotiation.

Glovision will do its best to negotiate the prices ,help you to pay an appropriate down payment and leave the rest of payment to the time of delivery and get the payment receipt from the seller

Which it must have the contact numbers, date and method of delivery

Finally we will facilitate your communication with the Turks if necessary, in case there was no common language between you and the Turkish seller.


5- Assisting in receiving the furniture

In case that you are present and you are unable to communicate with those who will deliver the furniture, or want to receive the furniture on your behalf,

we will be happy to assist you.

Receiving the furniture may include going to your home several times because you may order your furniture from several places and brands, thus there will be several times to receive the furniture.



During receiving the furniture, we will make sure of the following:

Match the specifications and numbers of the furniture you ordered, with the ones you receive, which should be written in the purchase receipt or the bill.

Making sure that there are no breaks, defects, or shortages in the furniture requested by you, also inform you in case this occurs. We will not receive furniture with shortage or problems.
Confirming the payment information, and matching the value of the required payments with the due payments.
Signing the receipt, paying the rest of the furniture price, and keeping the receipts and any official papers.
Getting all documents related to home furnishing guarantees so that you can keep them in case you need it one day.

 Apartment decoration service in Istanbul

We can help you decorate your apartment in Istanbul according to the following :


1- The method of negotiating with the owner

We will negotiate with the owner to obtain the decoration changes you want as part of the purchase deal.

Which may be simple or acceptable for the seller, and we can sometimes convince the seller to do the decorations & modifications that you want in your new property in Istanbul.

If the seller (owner or a construction company) does not accept this, we will help you to do your decorations.


2- Providing the best interior design engineers in Istanbul

Through our work in the field of Istanbul real estate, we know who are the top listed engineers who have the necessary experience in decoration.


3- Finding the professional workers

The interior designer provides you with specific designs that you want for a certain fee, and our team helps you to find the professional craftsmen and workshop owners in case the engineer does not secure the workshops himself.


4- Follow-up the workshops

In case you are not present, our team can follow up with the workshops and inform you of the status of the decorations,