Extracting The Tax Number

Extracting The Tax Number

Glovision offers a wide range of real estate services that cover all your needs when searching for and buying a property. The tax number extraction service is one of these services that you get for free with our team. Learn in this article the importance of obtaining a tax number in Turkey.


What Is The Tax Number?

The tax number, or the so-called Vergi Numarası, is one of the most important distinguished numbers for any Turkish person or resident on theTurkish territory. It is a unique nine-digit number that cannot be repeated between two people. This number, along with the TC number, is considered distinct and important to the person, through which the person can be identified, They are also associated with each other in the Turkish state departments.


What Is The Benefit Of Extracting a Tax Number And Why Is It Necessary?

In the Turkish Republic, any process that involves paying money or making financial transactions, must be linked to a tax number, and the rights and financial obligations of everyone who resides in Turkey are linked to this number, for example if you deal with a gas company to open a subscription and get gas in your home, The company must know your tax number in order to be able to link the payment process and the debts that you may owe to your tax number.


In general, there are many transactions and procedures that require the presence of the tax number, including:

• Opening a new bank account. You must obtain a tax number before you open a bank account, otherwise your application will not be accepted.

• Obtaining a Turkish driving certificate, as driving bears a lot of responsibility, and the registration of any violation or fees for the holder of any vehicle driving certificate in Turkey, requires the presence of a tax number that bears these taxes or payments on it.

• Buying real estate, the tax number is among what you will need for the process of buying a property and transferring it to your personal name in the Tabu Department. Do not worry, with our team, all parts of the property purchase process are easy, not just extracting the tax number.

• Subscribing to gas, water, and electricity services and paying the bills for each of them. In case you did not complete the payment or debts, you will definitely be required to clear these payments to prevent any obstruction in your transactions or even the possibility of moving to and from Turkey.

• Obtaining residence in Turkey, in order to be able to obtain residence in Turkey, you need to pay the fees for obtaining a residence permit, and this is done at the Tax Department, which in turn links the payment process to your tax number.

• Paying all kinds of taxes, and this is if you have taxes that must be paid by you, whether regarding a property you own, in this case you pay the value of the tax annually, or there is any other tax.


What Are The Documents Needed To Obtain a Tax Number?

Obtaining a new tax number is one of the first steps that a person must take in Turkey, especially if he wants to obtain residence in Turkey, and for this reason, this number is usually linked to the presence of the passport and not the residence itself, and for this, you must bring your own passport in order to be able to extract a new tax number.

The second thing that must be available in order to obtain a tax number in Turkey is the presence of an address for your place of residence, such as having a rental contract that you show to the employee in the tax department, or having bills for this place so that the address of this place appears clearly as it is in the Turkish address system Officially, some landlords may mistype the address, which may make it difficult to register your address with the tax department.


What Do I Get After Obtaining My Tax Number?

The tax department employee will perform some procedures that take only a few minutes, and this is after you wait for your turn with the employee, and then the employee will hand you a paper with your tax number.

You should keep this paper because it will be necessary in many official transactions on Turkish territory.

You can still verify your tax number through the electronic system of E-devlet, but this is after you obtain residence and apply to the nearest Turkish post office for an account and an entry code to the system, then you may not be in need for this paper which has your tax number.


How Can Glovision Team Help You?

Every one of our field team facilitates obtaining the services of our company, and may have extracted the tax number hundreds of times for our many clients, and for this they are familiar with the nearest offices of the tax department in the various regions and states of Turkey, and they will direct you to the nearest office away from the crowd Which in turn will save time and effort.

Get many and multiple services with our team who will not leave you before making sure that all your procedures are going well, and according to the principles and Turkish law.

Contact us to get your dream apartment in Turkey, and choose the best among hundreds of real estate options that our team will put in your hands... Call and get a real estate consultation.