Business Opening Service

Business Opening Service

Istanbul is a city of beauty, which is at the same time the economic and tourist capital of Turkey, and it is the bright face of Turkey through which you can see money and business combined in one place, as it is rare to see a leading Turkish company that does not have a head office or at least a branch office in Istanbul.

Glovision Real Estate's field of work is not limited to real estate and the dozens of services associated with it, but it goes beyond that to everything related to the facilities for foreign investors in Turkey, and the service of opening companies in Turkey is one of the services that you can get easily from within a package of free services that our company provides for each client who needs it.


Glovision's clients are diverse in terms of their needs, some of them want to buy a property with the intention of living in Turkey, and some of them want to invest in real estate, and some of them want to open their own business in addition to the real estate in Turkey, and if you want any of the above, all you have to do is contact our team to shorten the time and find yourself on the right and safe path.


What are The Benefits of Opening a Company in Istanbul-Turkey?

1- The opening of a company in Turkey is an important mean for you and your business, whether these businesses are limited to Turkey itself, or if your business is related to abroad.

2- Opening a company in Turkey will make it easier for you to deal with other Turkish companies. Only by communicating with other companies as a Turkish company will give you advantages and facilities that foreign companies that request to deal with Turkish companies may not get.

3- The confidence that you can get by being the owner of a Turkish company, will open up new horizons for you in all your dealings with the Turks.

4- In the case of foreign trade, you will be able to get different and cheaper prices than those obtained by foreign companies from Turkey, and then you will be able to set a good profit before you sell what you bought abroad, and this will be added to the balance of your company’s activities in Turkey and your company will become stronger.

5- Ease of dealing with banks, and making deals with them as a company in Turkey is an additional thing that helps you take steps towards developing your business.

6- The possibility of obtaining a work permit in Turkey as the owner of a company in Turkey, and benefiting from the health insurance in Turkey for you and your family.

7- If you apply for Turkish citizenship by any means, being the owner of a Turkish company will make your file stronger and reduce the possibility of rejection.

8- If your nationality does not allow you to own a property in Turkey, you will be able to buy and sell real estate in the name of your own company, as is the case with Syrians, for example.

9- The possibility of obtaining facilities in services and special offers from companies, such as those offered by telecommunications companies and other services.

10- The mere presence of your company in a global capital such as Istanbul, will enable you to easily communicate and get to know people, companies, and entities in the business field that may be difficult for you to gather in one place other than Istanbul, and you will also be able to engage in all international and local trade events and exhibitions that are held in Turkey .

11- If your business depends on exporting from Turkey, you will benefit from Turkey's location between the continents of Asia and Europe, which means that you are the favorite among all suppliers in the world, especially since Turkish goods are desirable and have competitive prices and quality in the world.

12- The operating costs in Turkey for any company are low when compared to other countries such as the Arab Gulf states and Europe, and how many companies have moved their main headquarters to Turkey and Istanbul in particular, to reduce the burden of expenses and high taxes outside Turkey.

13- The procedures for opening a company in Turkey are easy and affordable procedures with reasonable conditions, if compared to Europe or many other countries.


How Will Our Team Help You Open a Company?

In fact, opening a company in Istanbul is a matter that takes time that may take about a week, and this is if you decided to be in Istanbul to do so, and since the necessary procedures for opening a company may be unknown to you, you may not know where to start and what to choose, and you will not Know the consequences of these choices as you go along.

As another option, you can assign a Glovision team member under an official agency certified from outside or inside Turkey, leaving us to do all the necessary procedures and signatures on your behalf, and you will get the same result.

Our team will help you choose the type of activities and events that will be registered in the name of your company, and our team will assist you in obtaining the company incorporation document, tax number and tax plate, and your bank accounts, as well as advertising your company in the official newspaper, choosing a suitable headquarters for your company, registering in the Chamber of Commerce and issuing a merchant card in Turkey, extracting the company’s books, assigning a trusted accountant to upload your company’s data on a monthly basis and coordinating with you.

Our company's services also go beyond helping you choose a suitable name for your company, establish its visual identity and it’s logo, and also create your website and register your trademark, all kinds of marketing, through our company's team itself, or through trusted and proven companies associated with contracts and business In partnership with Glovision.

Although all of the above may seem a lot and complex and difficult to accomplish, but trust that starting all of the above for our team is an easy and routine matter, our expert team is used to providing services to all our clients who have purchased real estate, or who have requested these services separately, This will simply mean reducing the starting time for you to the maximum extent, and it will also mean reducing errors, some of which may be fatal and may be difficult if not impossible to reverse or correct it. What was properly established is the candidate to continue stronger, and certainly this will mean reducing expenses because you are heading towards the goal with a straight line and a clear plan from the beginning.


Glovision...a Business Network, Not Just Real Estate!

Let Glovision guide you in starting your business in Istanbul, and short the path to a thriving business and a bright future... Contact our team to learn more and get a business, investment or real estate advice.