E-Devlet Services

E-Devlet Services

The Turkish E-government website E-Dawlat is one of the most important official Turkish websites. It allows Turkish citizens and residents the opportunity to benefit from many services. E-Dawlat's services facilitate the lives of its users, save staff time, reduce the burden of paperwork and employee preoccupation, as well as reduce the possibility of Human errors.

Through this article, learn about the most important E-services of E-Dawlat. If you are a Turkish citizen or a foreigner resident, once you have a TG number of the Republic of Turkey, you will be able to easily obtain the important and necessary E-state's services.

What is the E-government portal "E-Dawlat"?
E-Dawlat, the E-Government's Portal is a website that provides access to public services from a single point. The portal aims to provide public services to citizens, companies and public institutions efficiently and effectively with information and communication technologies that are available everywhere these days.

How do I log in to E-Dawlat for the first time?
In fact, you will not be able to use this system unless you have a legal residence on Turkish, and in this case you can go to the nearest government post office called PTT, and from there you can book your turn with the employee responsible for extracting the E-Dawlat's code E-Devlet Şifresi.
Within minutes, the employee will send a verification message containing a code, and upon verifying your phone number that you want to connect to the E-Dawlat's system, he will send you a code that you can use in order to be able to enter the E-Dawlat's system for the first time, and then the system will force you to set a new password that you choose. It is preferable for this word to be strong and contains numbers and letters.

E-Dawlat website
You can always use E-Dawlat by entering the following website https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/ and then you can switch to the English language through the language option available on the main page or stay within the Turkish language option if you understand the language Turkish.


E-government application E-Dawlat
It is not necessary to have a computer to be able to use the E-Dawlat's website and services, but easily you can use the E-Dawlat's app for smartphones in order to be able to do all your actions via the mobile phone.
The E-government's portal application E-Dawlat is an application available on the Internet and it is not large in size, only about 10 MB, meaning that the E-Dawlat's application is a small application that is suitable to keep on your phone to use when necessary.

What are the benefits of E-Dawlat?
Get information within a short time.
Reducing processing time and cost.
Online service is available around the clock.
A credible service, as it is issued by the Turkish government itself and its approved institutions.

Types of Services Provided by E-Dawlat
The services provided to citizens through the E-government's portal can generally be classified as follows:

Inquiry Services
Application Services
Integrated electronic services
Document creation services
Payment Transactions
Information services

E-public services for E-Dawlat
You can benefit from thousands of services that use the infrastructure of the E-Government's portal provided by hundreds of institutions. So there will be no waste of time and money. Any information, document and application can be accessed using the many options offered by the E-Dawlat's system.

The general services of E-Dawlat include many branches, the most important of which are:
legal services
Education Services
Labor and employment services
Social security and insurance services
Transportation services
Environmental, agricultural and livestock services
public information services
Personal information services
Complaints and information services
Tax services, fees and fines
Government services and legislation
Security Services
Health Services
Telecommunications Services

Services of the municipalities of Turkey through E-Dawlat
The Turkish E-government's website, through its E-Dawlat's portal, provides multiple services provided by the municipalities of 81 states within 369 regions throughout Turkey, where you can access information and applications for 30 local service institutions serving transportation, water and sewage.

Corporate Services
On the E-Dawlat's website, there are services related to important companies that provide the main services such as water, gas, telecommunications and electricity companies. Through this portal, after choosing a company, you can often get 4 main services:
- The option to subscribe to the service.
- The option to unsubscribe the service.
- Inquiry about the value of the bill.
- Inquiries about subscribing to the service.

University services in Turkey
Through the E-Dawlat's website, you can track your applications at all universities registered in the E-government's system, where you will be able to follow the result of your papers and file in case of admission to the university or if you request papers from the university, and here the system will ask you to enter the document verification code , and then the number of papers required and then access to the papers you want.

Business Services
In this option, you will be able to follow up on dozens of services from many companies and legal institutions that have been connected electronically through the E-state system in order to be able to obtain their services.