About Our Company

About Our Company

Glovision Real Estate in Turkey started its activity in Istanbul as a real estate consultancy company, and from the moment of its start, the image was clear in front of our experienced and expert team of not providing anything but the best, and this was the secret of our transition from one success to another and our continuity in the vast Istanbul real estate market which is full of opportunities and challenges.


Our real estate options, meet your request no matter what

Whether your request is housing, real estate investment or both, you will be able to get the best options through a range of apartments, villas, shops and hotel apartments in Istanbul.
If you prefer to have your property within a residential complex, or within a separate building, you will find your request present and you will be able to compare many real estate options before you choose one of them.


We choose a lifestyle for you, not just a property!

We believe that when you buy an apartment in Istanbul, you do not choose the construction and technical specifications only, but you will be about to start a new life in Istanbul, so we try our best to find out the most appropriate style that suits your life first, and then move on to find the appropriate real estate options for your life in Istanbul.


Excellent property rates and flexible payment plans

If you want to buy your property by paying cash or in installments, know that you will get the best price with our team, because through our long knowledge of real estate developers, we will be able to collect the largest possible discount.
If your choice is to buy apartments in installments in Istanbul, we will provide you with various options for real estate so that you will get, as much as possible, the most appropriate flexible payment plan that fits what you have spotted for your new property in Istanbul.


Turkish citizenship through Glovision

We know the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship and the sensitivity of this matter, so we seek through our legal support team to complete all the details concerning your acquisition of Turkish citizenship with great interest and care.
You will not only be able to obtain Turkish citizenship with us, but you will also get housing and real estate investment, and real estate that suits your taste and need in the best places in Istanbul.


Our special package of services will make your property purchase... a picnic no more

Our real estate options are not all we have, but the services we carry in our arsenal of services for you will make it easier for you to carry all the transactions of obtaining a property in Turkey, and we will be with you in every step, starting from your arrival at the airport until you receive the key to the property, and even after sales services continue.” Our free services "to cover all the details such as opening water, electricity and internet subscriptions, we will simply not leave you until you start living in Istanbul, in the easiest and most effective way.